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Michael Längsfeld

My name is Michael Längsfeld, born 1963, I am married and have one daughter. I work as an authorized signatory in a major bank in Frankfurt and manage a department. Since 2013 I have been a member of Pro Retina.

I was in the upper school of a grammar school when my gym teacher noticed that in volleyball lessons I did not see the balls the way my classmates did. My ophthalmologist also had no real explanation. At the university hospital in Heidelberg it was then discovered that I had chorioideremia. The diagnosis did not shock me much at that time, as I could still see quite well. I got a driving licence, went on with a normal working life and started a family. I gave up driving a car a few years ago and left it to my wife, who can see much better than I can.

A major challenge of chorioideremia is the question of what diagnostic and therapeutic options are available for us – and our children. I would like to get involved out of my own interest and of course I would like to pass on my experience to other people who are affected. Therefore, I am available here as a contact person and would be pleased if you contact me with questions or the desire to exchange experiences.

I will gladly participate in symposia, conferences and events in order to pass on what I have learned in the field of chorioideremistry. For this purpose, I would like to set up an address file of affected and interested persons with postal and e-mail addresses to facilitate communication.

I am very grateful for further ideas and suggestions and am looking forward to working as your new contact person for chorioideremia.

Michael Längsfeld
Wilhelm Leuschner Straße 48

61169 Friedberg

Mobile (0 170) 27 03 63 7



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